Spixworth Hall Cottages

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Access Statement

Our business is running Spixworth Hall Cottages for the letting of properties as self-catering holiday cottages. We aim to give full attention and care to ensuring the best levels of accessibility wherever possible, both for our visitors and for our employees. We are aware that accessibility can be denied in many ways or equally can often be improved with simple measures to benefit users. In the following, we take a look at the properties, their surroundings, our advertising and publicity material, our website and our workplace environment with regards accessibility.


Eight Cottages


All cottages are in grade 2 listed buildings, except the Lodge. The greatest care has been taken to maximise accessibility for all the buildings and surroundings. Three cottages in particular have been designed to suit those with limited mobility. Please see below to learn more about access in individual cottages.


Aside from mobility issues, the daylight and electric light levels throughout all the cottages are excellent and furniture can be moved as required to limit risks to people with poor eyesight. No other provisions, other than large-print brochures or informative literature on request, are in place at present for partially sighted or blind people. However, as redecorating the cottages takes place, we are considering the use of contrasting colours on door lintels. We have at present no special provisions for people with hearing impairments.


We advise anyone with special requirements to talk to us before booking to ensure their needs are met.



Stables Cottage - Accessibility Rating 3


This cottage been built to the highest standard for wheelchair accessibility and in accordance with the guidelines set by the tourist board mobility accessibility standards.


There is car parking with a firm, non-slip surface of gravel inlaid into tarmac. This gives space for two cars close to the cottage and ample room to maneouvre wheelchairs and assist ambulant disabled people. The entrance is through a very wide stable door over a half inch threshold into a generous wide hallway. Inside, there is level access throughout, with firm carpeting or hard surface floors. All doors are wide, with easy-to-use lever handles.

Bedroom furnishings are freestanding so that they can be positioned to best suit our guests' special needs. There is one single electric bed with facilities to raise or lower the whole bed, the foot end and the head end of the bed. All other beds can be raised on bed blocks if extra height is required.


The bathroom is spacious with a WC, a walk-in shower, a bath and an adjustable height washbasin with good wheelchair clearance. There are appropriate grab rails throughout. Extra equipment can be provided, including WC seat raisers (2” and 4”), a shower stool, a height adjustable shower chair and an over bath seat. Flooring is Marley safe-tread, non-slip flooring.


The kitchen also has Marley, safe-tread flooring. All kitchen equipment is accessible to wheelchair users and there is an electric, height-adjustable sink unit.  The electric hob has touch-sensitive switches for easy, safe use.  The dining table is suitable for wheelchair users and there is also a dining chair with arms for the less mobile.


The living area has free moving-furniture to maximise the available space suitably. There are easy chairs to suit people with mobility difficulties, adjustable lighting and a sofa bed that is available for people needing to rest by day or for use as an extra bed. A door from the living room leads into the sheltered, paved court yard garden.


Regarding heating, all rooms can be kept at suitable temperatures at all times for those with special needs. Switches and electricity sockets are all accessible to wheelchair users. Ground floor plans of this cottage, Gaffers cottage and the Lodge are available on the respective cottage pages.



Gaffers Cottage - Accessibility Rating 1 


This cottage was refurbished in 2007 and a ground floor bedroom and bathroom added.  These adaptations were carried out to maximise the facilities for disabled users within the constraints of the dimensions of this listed building.


The cottage has four entrances! The “front” door has a threshold raise of 5 inches, the “back” door a threshold of 1.5 inches.  There is also level access from the rear car park via a concrete and paved path. It directly accesses the ground floor bedroom through a widened door and also the living room through French windows via the same path.

With the ground floor accommodation, the bedroom has twin beds, one of which can be stowed away to give further space if required.  The ground floor bathroom is adjacent to this bedroom.  Fittings include a wall mounted wash basin, a walk in shower and a WC. There are grab rails fitted throughout the bathroom for safety. Due to the limited space available, wheelchair use is possible, but there are restricted turning circles. Doors to internal ground floor rooms are 30 inches wide.


There is level access into the kitchen and breakfast area. However, there is one 7 inch step down into the dining room and living room. A ramp can be provided for wheelchair users and a boxed 3 inch step for ambulant people who have difficulty with higher steps.  



The Lodge Cottage - Accessibility Rating 1


This cottage was rebuilt and refurbished in 1997, retaining many of the original features of a country cottage. The cottage can be accessed from the driveway across an embedded gravel pathway. Enter through the front door with a small (3”) raise on the threshold or alternatively down a series of 3 “6 inch” steps then through the back door which has a 6” raise over the threshold.


Internally, the cottage has no steps. The internal doors are narrow – 27” – therefore the cottage is not suitable for wheelchair users. The bathroom is very compact with a step into shower. There are no grab rails. There is a fitted kitchen with ample storage at an accessible level.  There is gas central heating available all year so that the elderly and frail need not fear getting chilled. This cottage is very suitable for people who cannot manage stairs or multiple steps but who manage their daily lives without the use of grab rails and can manage a bath perhaps with the assistance of a simple bath seat.



Granary, Waterside and Swallows Cottages


These cottages do not have specific facilities for people with special needs. However they all have a WC and walk-in shower on the ground floor so that anyone who wishes to bring daytime visitors with special needs to the cottages can cope. Swallows cottage has been specifically furnished for those suffering from allergies.



Pond Cottage


This cottage does not have a WC on the ground floor, although this is not a problem if you have a double booking with Swallows cottage. Is has also been specifically furnished for those suffering from allergies.



The Hayloft


This cottage is only accessible via an old winding staircase and is unsuitable for anyone with special mobility needs.



The Grounds and Surroundings


There is a firm surface from Stables cottage all the way along the farm track up to the roads leading to the village's Church lane and Buxton road. There are bridle paths, allowing walks across the farm. These walkways are suitable for outdoor motorised wheelchairs, depending on the prevailing weather conditions. In winter and wet weather conditions, pushing an adult in a wheelchair will be difficult. The barn has a level access entrance through the traditional barn doors.



The Fishing Lake


Wheelchair users have a large decking area to fish from and have permission to take their cars down the farm track to the lake.  



Brochure and Printed Materials


A large print, black and white version of our brochure can be sent on request. Similarly, large scale versions of our information material in the cottages can be supplied on request.



Workplace Accessibility


Cleaners are required to work in all our cottages. Lifting, cleaning, and bed making are amongst their duties. Therefore, the job is not suitable for people with limited mobility or poor eyesight.  


The office has a two-step entrance plus a 2” door threshold. At present, secretarial work is carried out by an able bodied person. It would be difficult to convert this entrance for a wheelchair user but, of course, a ramp could be installed or a grab rail if needed.      



Equipment Hire


Please contact Rentequip on 01473 746198


Access for All

Enjoy the best of beautiful Norfolk with our range of holiday cottages. There's something for everyone. Give us a call today for more information.

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